Today May 10, 2021

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What is the Deal With the Emu Casino’s Free Spins For New Players?

The Emu Casino is about to introduce another exciting game called “Free Spins” to its online players. This is a very welcome addition for players that have been burned in the past from playing in an online casino with paypal and getting no or little money back from their deposit bonus. In the last few years, we have seen many online gambling sites change the poker chips to such a point that the old players can not recognize the brands on the chips. At one time all of the poker chips were emu blue but now they are so common that it is hard to recognize the logo on the chips anymore. We would like to tell you about the exciting new feature that the Emu Casino has introduced with the free spins.

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Players can get the free spins by using the coupon codes. This is a new promotion that is only available through the official website. Before getting the code, make sure you read up on the bonus. When you enter in the correct promo code, this will entitle you to one free spin with every bet you place during your entire game session.

The Emu Casino has introduced two different categories for players that want to enjoy the benefits of the free spins. The first category is for new players that do not yet know what they are doing or just do not know how to play. The second category is for players that already know how to play and want to enjoy the benefits of the free spins. In both categories there are different ways of entering in the coupon code.

With the first category of new players, the players will need to check out the promotional literature in order to find the code entry page. They will simply type in the correct promo code into the space provided. Once they have entered in the correct code, they will be taken to a page that contains the instructions of how to receive the free spins.

For the second category of player, it is very simple. The online gambling website has developed a whole new welcome bonus system. For every new player that signs up through the casino’s website, there will be an automatic bonus code for them. These bonus codes are exclusive to the site and cannot be found anywhere else.

The Emu Casino website also has an official Facebook page. Players can check out all of the latest offers and promotions posted by the live promotions team. Players that sign up through Facebook can also get the newest information on the bonus code system, as well as learn more about max cash and casino bonus codes. This is a great place to go if you are new to online gambling!